26 February 2010

Sew Sweet!

Exciting day. One of my creative projects will be featured over at Sew It To Me today. Check it out and have fun browsing the fun sewing projects from some very creative people. Favorites I've found there are the ruffle camera strap-so cute, and the car seat cover.

I am very pleased to see that sewing is making a comeback. I worry for a world where we lose the simple ability to clothe ourselves and grow and prepare our own food if necessary.

Having grown up on a small farm with a big garden and a grandmother, mom, aunts and neighbors who are very talented at the arts of the home I thank them from the bottom of my heart for having the patience to teach me and share so many of their talents with me and so many others.

Check out Sew It To Me today. And if you're dreaming about sewing, read this and take the plunge!


Deb said...

Congratulations! How fun. I'll have to check out the site.

I think we have cause for concern for being unable to clothe and feed ourselves~~we are much too dependent on big business, but I guess that's another post--LOL

Happy Sewing

kalanicut said...


I'm totally with you. It would only take a few days or hours for grocery stores to run out of food completely were there to be some natural disaster, trucking strike, etc. I don't even want to think about what would happen if there was some stoppage to the clothing/fabric market. I do not yet have a loom or know how to weave! LOL

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