02 February 2010

Waking Up to Simple Pleasures

This morning I woke up at 4am coughing and an hour later I was still coughing on and off. It was a dry, annoying cough, the last of a sinus infection or cold or something. Then I started thinking...about things that are bothering me. That's never a smart move when you're trying to get back to sleep.

At 5:10 I decided I was awake and might as well go to the gym. So I got up, got dressed and headed out the door in the early morning darkness with my gym bag across my shoulder. At the gym were many of the regulars, the handsome guy who sweats gallons all over the equipment and thankfully does clean up after himself, the guy with the trucker "mud flap girl" tattoo, the skinny older professor-ish guy whose stomach looks like a basketball in his shirt. I realized this morning that many of them spend at least two hours at the gym, but it's not all working out, it's mostly male bonding and talking.

I quickly got into my routine and  read Artful Blogging magazine as I pedaled hard, which proved to be a great early morning inspiration not only about blogging, but for the fantastic photos and essays on how blogging teaches us to be present in our lives, to focus on the good things in life and learn and share together that life is not always easy, but there is always much to be thankful for.

As I walked out of the gym, into the slightly foggy, still quiet morning,  the sun began to break through the clouds, buildings and trees. I was struck by what a beautiful morning it was and I was reminded how very much I have to be grateful for, even though already this year I have unexpectedly lost a dear friend & confidant,  I am paying large sums of money to both the dentist and auto mechanic for expected and even more expensive unexpected work, and that frustrations have not easily and immediately resolved themselves.

The sun is so beautiful, I know so many good people, there are so many grand things to do and see in life, I have loved ones who care for my well-being and happiness, and I get to laugh a lot every day with family and friends.

Being up early, clearing my head with vigorous exercise and raising my eyes up to see all I have to be grateful for brought a moment of bliss, a simple pleasure.

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Dix said...

I'm loving "Simple Pleasures" week! I'm re-reading Sarah Ban Breathnach's "Simple Abundance" this year- and between that and your blog I'm feeling so grounded! Just being a part of this amazing world is a thrill ride!

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