03 February 2010

Morning Workouts - One Little Adjustment Goes a Long Way

Made one little adjustment in my morning workouts and can't believe how much difference it's made. Thanks to my inability to sleep and the following early morning gym visit, I realized that it's actually easier for me to get up 45 minutes earlier and head out to the gym. I think it has everything to do with sleep cycles. I was always in a deep sleep at the previous time I tried to get up and it was painful to pull myself awake.

After two mornings of getting up 45 minutes earlier I can say it's much easier for me to get up and out of the house. The best part is when I leave the gym it's still early and the world is still moving quietly and slowly. And I'm much more relaxed because I still have a full two hours before I have to be at the office - no rushing! I have to get to sleep a little earlier but that's okay, I'm actually a little more tired in the evening so I want to go to sleep and get to sleep easily. Exercise is supposed to contribute to getting a good night's rest. Good sleep is also associated with exercise so it's a win-win on all sides.

So if morning workouts are more of a dream than a reality, try experimenting with the time you get up by a few minutes one way or the other. It might make your morning wake up easier and give you more effective workouts, more peaceful mornings, a better nights sleep and that body that will make you oh so happy.

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