22 February 2010

Igniting Inspiration in the Cube

If you feel a little uninspired spending most of your day in a cubicle or bland office here are a few ideas to improve your surroundings and your mental state.

1. Put up photos of the people who matter most to you. Just seeing their faces will bring a sense of happiness and peace. It also helps to remember that work is not your entire life and there are great things to look forward to after hours.

2. Put up pictures that inspire you to your dream life. It could be a photo of your dream vacation site, your dream home, your dream work or play. These will inspire you to live a balance life and will give more meaning to why you work in the first place. You're working toward your dream life and seeing the destination will help keep you present on the road there.
3. Put up inspiring quotes that will keep you motivated. Try discreetly hanging meditations up that will keep you calm and focused throughout the day. If you want to post work specific goals or mantras that will help you face challenges you can do them in code -- choose a symbol that will mean something to you but nothing to others.

4. Put something living on your desk. There are lots of great and inexpensive plants that do well in low light. They will not only give you cleaner air to breath, but will also perk things up at your desk.

5. Buy some pretty file folders, pens, pencils, a pencil box, clock or mouse pad that will personalize your surroundings and help you feel your personality stands out in an environment where everyone's space often looks gray and identical.

6. Keep headphones available. If you find you could use a little outside inspiration, a set of headphones give you access to your iPod or online radio stations and audio files. Just the right song or motivational recording may be the perfect thing to get you in the groove to make a great presentation, ask your boss for a raise or get through an after hours project.

7. Keep water available at all times. Find a pretty reusable bottle you love and refill several times daily. Not only is it good to get up and walk to get that refill, but water will keep you fresh, clear headed and feeling good all day.

8. Keep lowfat snacks at your desk -- like almonds, instant oatmeal, granola or protein bars. They'll keep you energized on days when leaving for lunch is delayed or your body just needs a little more food than you anticipated.

With a little shift in the appearance of your desk, you can infuse your work life with new energy and maybe even catch the eye of that person who will help you move towards all those dreams you're looking at each day!

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