19 February 2010

Focus on Happiness

Last week I had the good fortune to meet a wellness & meditation teacher. I wasn't anticipating meeting her, I was actually at the dentist's office to get my teeth cleaned and some work done. I mentioned my avoidance of medications which she picked up on immediately and an amazing conversation blossomed from there. She gave me a very insightful color reading- something I have not had done before, which was spot on with a few surprises that I've been reflecting on since then.

I won't share all the details, but the one thing that has really stuck with me since our conversation is a reminder that I have a lot of control over how I live my life, how I look at my life and my experiences. Do I anticipate good and happy events or do I make things more difficult for myself by dreading things that haven't happened yet, things that are happening and difficult people I am dealing with in my life. I am usually pretty upbeat, but it's always great to take one's temperature.

I definitely realized there are a few areas where I can improve my perspective, anticipate success and move forward in a more empowered way. My "power of positive thinking muscles" had gotten a bit weak. It's amazing how in just a few days I have tweaked things for the better in my life. I am reminded again to be more hopeful, be a ray of sunshine to others, be more accepting of others, of my life and unique challenges.

It's amazing how people will be placed in our path to inspire us at the most interesting intersections of our lives. I was expecting prettier teeth, but in the process, I am gaining a prettier soul and life experience.

How are you helping yourself by having a more hopeful, positive attitude? What rituals help you? Who inspires you? How do you turn yourself toward the light? Please share, I'd love the inspiration!

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life with the wigingtons said...

Kalani, I LOVE your blog! I had almost forgotten your engaging writing style and your flair for keeping sharp.

kalanicut said...

Hey Sara,

So nice to hear from you. You're so kind. Thanks for stopping by the new blog adventure!

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