08 February 2010

Sometimes It's Easier Than We Think

Everyone feels vulnerable some days. Some days we feel pain we can't pinpoint or we suffer from injuries to the soul and to our lives that we feel might never heal. Will it require years of therapy, months of inward focus to root out the source and cause and find proper prescriptions for healing? Is there a cure?

I had an experience today that taught me a great life lesson. Sometimes we can make great strides to help others heal by just standing at their side, listening to their pains and letting them know we care, we love them, we're there for them through thick and thin. Sometimes that is all they need to heal - your caring touch, your loving heart, your listening ear.

And even more amazingly, somehow this very act of lifeguarding someone else causes a little something to well up in us, a pain, an ache to be rooted out, to  rise to the surface, to be released and find it's own heavenly healing. What a beautiful and deeply healing balm simple love and care can be when shared, when there is communion between two souls.

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