10 February 2010

We Must Get Kids Outside and Back to a Simpler Life

There is a fantastic conversation going on over at Wide Open Spaces blog about the dire need to get children out of doors and back into nature, back to the days when they played outside most of the day and could adventure around without a lot of adult supervision. 

Almost gone are the days that children could entertain themselves building tree houses and forts and use their senses of adventure and imagination to fill their days with their own activities. Emily shares some great books and comments as well as inspiring comments from readers as well.

We all need to do our part to get kids out of doors, in less constricted and regimented lives and letting their own imagination and freedom teach them. Everyone has a part to play to return our world to a simpler time -- whether you have kids or not, you do influence them one way or another. Are we living lives that inspire this future or are we in desperate need  to get outside as well?

Check out Emily's great post, recommendations and comments!


Kati said...

Amen to this! Even in the rainy Great Northwest I have to remind myself to take adavantage of every sunny day and get the boys outside and running around.

kalanicut said...

Kati, from what I can see you are doing a great job with your house full of boys! All four of them. ;)

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