24 February 2010

Actions Sit More Comfortably than Words - A New Sofa

I have been talking about buying a new sofa for 5 years. FIVE years. I was actually working in the custom furniture business when I first started talking about it. I was surrounded by beautiful sofas every day. I helped lots of other people get gorgeous new sofas. I clipped fabric swatches, pictures and drew sketches.

I've moved twice since then, in the same basic neighborhood. I've been in this apartment for 3 years and have thought I'll buy a new sofa as soon as I move to another place, which will be any minute. Still here although over the past year it seemed even more certain I would move soon. My sofa is practically useless at this point, so not comfortable. So I decided I should just buy a new sofa and quit waiting around for all these things I've been waiting to happen that aren't happening.

Murphy's Law - a great and useful philosophy would say that as soon as I get the new sofa everything will change and I will move and have to drag that new sofa back out the door and to the new place, or I'll move to a place far away and it will cost big money to ship the sofa or the new place will already be furnished. The other hitch is that I should have bitten the bullet when I was single because now BF thinks he needs to have a say too. It could've just been me, but now it's before a committee. But there's no point buying a sofa he won't curl up on with me to watch a movie on.

Here's what I know about this mystery couch in my near future.  It must be:
long enough for tall people to lie down
two cushion seat and back
a neutral color that will conform to my regularly changing moods and color choices
an uncomplicated fabric that will fit into an Asian/beach inspired environment.
high backed so that it supports tall people's upper backs and heads
Low arms - STILL can't decide between straight or rounded arm

Do you need a sofa? Buying a sofa is really the foundation for a great room. So often we spend too much on little accessories on our regularly visits to discount department stores or thrift stores. If you think you can't afford a new sofa, start tracking how much you are spending on trips to those beloved stores you go to regularly. If you spend $100 a month on things that are not necessities, you could save enough for a new sofa in just a few months.  It's easy to spend too much on the little decorative bits, fuss on the smaill stuff and still not have a well appointed room because the big stuff is not there to anchor it.

In the next two posts I'll give some great tips to preparing to buy a new sofa and what you need to be aware of once you get ready to buy. In the meantime, I will think about my tax return and a new sofa.

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