04 February 2010

Simples Pleasures Week Day Five -- Make the Day Yours

It's Day Five of simple pleasures week on kalanicut.

Most adults wake up with a list of to dos, demands you know you'll have to meet for the day. It's easy to start the day feeling you're giving it all away and end the day feeling you've taken no time for yourself.

I'm trying to return to a great habit I was very diligent about for few years that really helped me own my day. I've done it in a few different ways but each was an act of self-care and changed my entire perspective about how I faced things I had to do the rest of the day.

One year I woke up early and went running for an hour each morning. It was amazing how that early morning sun gave me a great dash of vitamin D and sun-kissed checks, not to mention all the other great benefits. I started my day feeling I'd already done my best for myself and it helped me to be unselfish with the rest of my day. It put me in the right place to be of care and service to others and not be so grumpy about things I wasn't looking forward to.

Another year I woke up and read something inspirational for 30 minutes each morning. In the clarity of early morning I was more inspired by what I read and it set my mindset and attitude for how I would face my day and the challenges and blessings that would come. It helped me to be more grateful all day and I know it put me in a healthier, happier state of mind.

Meditation is another great way to spend a few minutes in the morning, relaxing and putting your focus on goals and dreams.  . There are lots of great downloadable meditations on iTunes and you can also buy some great ones on Amazon.com. If those things are in your head first thing in the morning the chances are better you are going to incorporate them into your daily actions from the start. 

Some days it's just a good early morning chat with a friend, a beautiful breakfast, a few minutes staring out the window with a cup of tea. But it's amazing how good you feel when you take a few minutes for yourself in the morning.

Giving yourself that time keeps you from rushing around and helps you to remember to live your life the way you want to instead of getting up late, rushing and letting business dictate your mood and actions.

 Yes it means waking up a little earlier, but the effect it has on your total day is truly more satisfying than sleep. You won't miss it, but you will love how you feel.

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