04 December 2013

Our Well-being Tool Boxes

A few nights ago I watched Super Soul Sunday, Oprah's interview with Sandy Hook parents David and Francine Wheeler, whose son Ben was killed in the attack last December. They talked about having a tool box they can turn to on the hard days or the days where they can't quite see their way forward.

I loved that description, our own personal tool box, filled with things we've learned and that have inspired us that can once again help us forward. I have again and again seen that things I've studied and skills I've worked to gain, places in my life where I've tried to grow, are often just what's needed when new life challenges come.

Here are a few of my favorite tools in my tool box:

1) A Prayer Jar or A Wish Jar: Sending out positive hopes.
2) A To Do List: Some days a good list gets me going and accomplishing things
3) A List of Things That Energize Me: Good reminders of things that will perk up my spirits!
4) A List Of Things That Make Life Great: A simple list of lovely things I can choose from each day.
5) 11 Touches A Day and Vitamin D: We all need more hugs and a little sun on our cheeks.
6) Time With Wise And Inspiring People: Great in book form, from blogs or even better in person.
7) Wonderful Friends: They know us better than anyone.
8) Quiet Time: It's always good to stop and listen for a bit.
9) Morning Rituals: A great start makes for a great day.
10) Journaling: Saved me tens of thousands in therapy bills, I joke but it's true.
11) A Warm Bath: I love Sarah Ban Breathnach's thoughts on this.
12) Simple Pleasures: Doing kind things for self delight the soul.
13) Pretty Distractions and Inspirations: Sometimes a good escape is just what's needed.
14) A Vision Board: Seeing the life you want on paper helps.
15) An Inspiring Class: Joining a group or class brings new energy
16) Gratitude List: Every day is better when we see the good in it.

There are so many more but these are a few of my favorites. They are always there when I need them and having a good long lists means there is always something that will fit the bill when I need a little inspiration, pick me up or cool down. Do you have any favorite tools to add to the list? Are there any here that are particularly special for you in your life?



These are great tools.

I would like to see that interview. I wonder if it is still available.

Merry Christmas, Kalani.


kalanicut said...

Here is a link to video clips from the interview. I don't think the entire show is available online anymore but the best stuff is available in clips from this link.


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