10 October 2011

The Beauty Of A Prayer Wish Jar

Happy Monday morning, Blogland! Hope you are well and have enjoyed a lovely weekend. Mine was one of those weekends without much obligation which allowed me to take care of things that are obligations to my heart and soul. Ahh. Lots of creative work and quiet thinking.

As I look back on 2011, I have often caught myself saying, "This year has gone by so fast, I really don't know where it went, don't even remember accomplishing anything the first three or four months..... Oh! There was that very serious and potentially fatal illness, that's right!" So silly, but glad I forget about it sometimes.

Just a few days after I was released from the hospital I met with a dear family friend who shared with me a most inspiring and encouraging story about her daughter who had gone through some really difficult challenges and the many miracles that happened in her life to bring her and her family to a beautiful, joyful place.

My friend told me that every night she would make a prayer wish that a specific trouble would disappear from her daughter's life. She would write in on a pretty piece of paper and then put it in a jar. She would visualize this prayer coming true in her mind: the setting, the movement and actions, everything associated with her prayer.

Miraculously this prayer came true through a very unusual set of circumstances that did not seem could be possible and this problem was moved far from her daughter's life. I was so inspired when I heard this and she told me that I should do the same, sit down every night, make my prayer, visualize every aspect of it, write it down and then put it in a jar.

This is my jar. The paper and glass are so beautiful and I am so constantly inspired by my friend's wisdom and love that even looking at the jar gives me peace, confidence and understanding. These thoughts and this love that comes into my heart allows me to feel inspired and blessed by a higher power, rather than frustrated. What a blessing that is!

Do you have something you pray and wish for every day? Find yourself a wish jar and follow my wise and loving friend's advice. It will give you a private place to unburden your heart. It will bring untold blessings to your life and give you a place to go when you feel overwhelmed and disheartened. Hope you'll find blessings in your own prayer wish jar! Have a beautiful day!

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