18 March 2010

Recommended Daily Amounts of Sanity

It's late Thursday night and I have not posted anything since Sunday. My apologies to blog readers. It's been a big, crazy week full of all sort of surprises and adventures. We've had an earthquake here in LA (just another day here...), I've eaten out every night this week and spent much needed evening time with dear ones from near and far. What a gift and a blessing.

I read once that people need 11 touches a day to stay really sane and healthy. I believe that. I realized I was way, way under my daily quotas for a few weeks there, working late, the beloved away on business for a few weeks, my little "Punkin" had not been here for a visit and a play and I had not seen many friends. Not good. Needless to say, it was delightful to have the beloved  here for a few days and go to dinner with two great big, strong boy cousins of mine. Talk about great hugs! Hugs are good! So safe.

If you aren't getting enough hugs, start giving them to anyone you can. They all count towards that magic sane touch total. Caring touch is one of the most stabilizing, healthy interactions you can have in a day. And think about the people around you in your life that you can help get their 11 totals a day. I especially think of single friends who live alone. They can definitely use an extra hug. If you have kids, you would probably like to go 11 seconds without being touched. You could get together with your single friends and let them enjoy some huggy-snuggle time and it would give you some time to just sit in solitude for a few minutes.

Another thing I've been doing this week is sitting out in the sun for a few minutes each day. Vitamin D is apparently being recognized as more important than once thought. It's good for the soul and the mind to just sit quietly for a few minutes.

Good healing things to do: go home from work earlier, spend time with loved ones, get out of the house, get and give your 11 touches and sit in the sun for a few minutes.

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life with the wigingtons said...

Thanks, Kalani! Great perspective. I found myself asking if I'm getting the 11 touches to each of my children, particularly the older ones. I know I'm getting mine, but am I giving?

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