30 December 2013

The Holiday Lull

This photo rather depicts how it feels around the house today. Sort of beautiful and lovely and a bit disheveled and disorganized. It's definitely the holiday lull. It feels like a weird dead spot between the holidays and for some reason it feels more pronounced than other years. That may be because we stayed home this holiday. If we had gone to visit family we would be busy packing every day with activities and making the most of every moment. Plus we'd be surrounded by family who would keep us distracted and entertained.

We are in the midst of making a lot of big decisions so life feels a little less relaxed and holiday-lazy than usual. Being at home, you see the chores that need to be done, the reorganization projects staring you in the face and the messes of toys and gifts that need to find new homes seems to be never ending. Two new packs of Legos blocks means we have many more to have sprinkled all over the floor to step on and partially completed projects all over the tables.

Everyone feels a little restless today. It feels a little like right before feeding time at the zoo. I'm scrambling to get the house somewhat straightened out, with some recruited help, so that we can have some time to do something enjoyable and happy today. The new year and new responsibilities will be here soon enough, so I want to enjoy these days.

We are planning a beach day tomorrow. We should also get in a little golfing and some museum time this week too. It's been in the mid 70s for the past two weeks here. That is some nice Christmas weather for sure. There have been years where it has been down in the low 30s at Christmas time here so this lovely weather is not always a guarantee. Every day we check the temperatures where our loved ones live. They are having particularly cold winters this year and we thank our stars for our lovely coastal climate.

Right now in the living room I can hear a dinosaur fight going on with The Man and The Bug. Lots of laughter, roars and strategizing going on between Stegosaurus and T-Rex. It's good to have a Daddy that likes to play those kinds of games. The Bug thinks he is the most awesome playmate around.

Tomorrow will be New Year's Eve and time to celebrate again. I am praying and hoping for a 2014 full of joy, fun and happy adventures. We are ready for just such a year. 2013 while full of some fantastic blessings was a toughy! We will definitely ring out the year with a sigh of relief and welcome 2014 with great hopes for more good things, more happy time together and fewer rough spots.

I am planning a little New Year's Eve party for three for tomorrow night. I'll share more about it tomorrow. Hope you are enjoying your holiday. We're headed off to the gym now to work off our holidays treats and cabin fever. Can't hurt, right?

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