23 December 2013

Great Gifts For Under $10: Week Seven

Oh I have a few favorites today for the last Great Gifts For Under $10 for 2013. This week is it all about staying warm. We've been having schizophrenic weather here in LA, cold some days and then almost hot other days. One day you need a jacket and scarf the next day it's unbearable to wear a sweater at mid-day. But on the cold days we are always on the search for something to keep us warm, like a hot cup of tea or a heating pad. Here are some favorite gifts to keep the people you love warm.

1) Microwave Heating Pad: I learned something new from the post I'm linking to here from A Gentle Strength, which includes directions on how to easily make these. Brown rice holds heat longer than white rice. Who knew?! One year I made a ton of these. We left several at my parents' house for when we visit. You can make these in all sorts of shapes and they are super easy to make with a good durable fabric, some simple sewing and a bag of rice.

We have been using these a lot around our house the past few weeks to warm up our beds before sleep, for The Man's sore back and a myriad of other cozy moments. I like to make them with a nylon or cotton band to make loop handles on each end. These are a great gift for athlete friends and anyone who lives in cold weather.

For a good laugh, check out this hilarious microwave heating pad available on Etsy, The Angry Uterus microwave heating pad. I think we girls can all relate to this face.

2) Pocket Hand Warmers: Hello mini-microwave heating pads for your pockets. Just think how long these will stay warm if you use brown rice?! (I'm saying this with a great big, silly smile on my face.) Here's a great little tutorial from Jen Kline at New Green Mama.

3) Felt Coffee Cozy: There are so many great DIYs for coffee cozies on Pinterest. You can knit them, use old sweater sleeves or sew them out of all sorts of fabrics and I am sure you can make no-sew versions using fabric glue or thick felt like these from Artchoo. Great for drinks in the morning and you can totally personalize them for each special person.

4) Felted Wool Mittens: All those sad, shrunken sweaters in the thrift stores. It's time we save them and make something cute. These are so easy and would be so warm. A great quick and easy gift to keep the tootsies warm on cold days from Dollar Store Crafts.

So that is my last Gifts Under $10 post for this year. How can Christmas be here already? Thankfully I got most everything done on Friday night and am just waiting for a few more packages to roll in. I made some pies last night and am going to keep the menu very simple this week. We are going to try to get to some museums and have made plans with a few friends and for movie nights here at home. I am looking forward to making it a sweet week. Hoping it will be a week of peace and joy for you and yours too. Happy holidays!

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Image 1: A Gentle Strength
Image 2: New Green Mama
Image 3: Artchoo
Image 4: Dollar Store Crafts

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