16 December 2013

Great Gifts For Under $10 Dollars: Week Six

It's week six of Great Gifts For Under $10 and let's jump right on in. This week is full of color and a lot of sentimentality for me.

1) Martha Stewart Tissue Case: Tissues in a woman's purse holds a lot of sentimentality for me. I have my tissue friends, the ones you can depend on to pass you a tissue from their purse when life gets a little teary. I love the ladies at church who in seconds can whip out a tissue and hand it over to someone in need. I remember a woman in my life having a little handmade embroidered tissue case in her purse when I was a little girl. I have a pretty little fabric tissue case in my purse and I have stacks of little purse-size tissue packs in my bathroom cupboards. I don't try to keep a stack but when I see them I throw a pack into my shopping cart and then find more when I get home in the cupboards. So I am never without.

I think every woman's purse can be blessed with a pretty case always ready with a soft facial tissue ready to be passed along to a friend, loved one or even a stranger when tears of joy or tears of sadness flow. These are super easy to make, here's the link.

2) Photo Shadow Box: It's easy to pick up small shadow boxes at places like IKEA. With a little scrapbook paper or fabric you can create a beautiful background to frame one or more black and white photos of your loved ones. Add a few shells or other little details in the bottom of the box and you have a special keepsake. Very inexpensive to make for a very sweet treasure. I made this a couple of years ago and it is still one of our most treasured possessions.

3) E-reader/Tablet Case: I whipped a bunch of these up a while back. They are easy to make with two-sided quilted fabric. They don't take much time, can be easily personalized and they do a great work protecting the electronics.

4) Citrus: I remember when I was a little girl that every once in a while we would get a box of oranges from someone at the holidays. In the middle of the cold, harsh winter, seeing a whole box of bright orange fruit was beyond delicious and refreshing not only to the palate but to the soul too. A pretty bag or box of lemons, oranges, limes, grapefruits or clementines brings so much cheer and deliciousness at the holidays. You can package them up in all sorts of absolutely charming ways and with a pretty tag, citrus is a gift of the sun's own rays at holiday time.

See the entire series here:

image 1: martha stewart
image 4: mca

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