11 December 2013

Christmas Tree Bases Need Style Too

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree deserves an equally beautifully decorated base to look complete. We've all see a pretty tree with a glaringly ugly tree stand at the bottom or a poorly sized and graceless tree skirt. It sort of ruins the whole thing, doesn't it? It's like putting on a gorgeous evening gown with combat boots. Pretty trees deserve to have pretty footwear too. This sent me on an internet hunt for stylish Christmas tree bases which I thought I would share with you.

Boules rouges !

This wood box makes a pretty statement and a very earthly natural feel to this rustic, fully decorated tree.

Such a smart idea, simple burlap wrapped around a bucket. The tiny tree below looks great in a metal urn. Adaptable on some level to a full-size tree with some thought and proper weight balance. Very charming on a table top tree for sure.

A pretty basket is a nice way to round out the base of a Christmas tree. I like this one and quite a few others. This room has Scandinavian style written all over it.

from Mokkasin

cottage living december cover

A metal bucket can be quite nice as well. Here are several examples. I like the basic silver galvanized look but a bright metallic color isn't bad either. It would be easy to customize a bucket for one's own home with a little magic spray paint.

Small live tree in a galvanized bucket   |   Dreamy Whites: French Farmhouse

from Dusty Lu

from Fjeldborg

And of course I can't leave out the tree skirt all together. There are so many ways to stylishly skirt a tree. When I have a full-size tree I use an old vintage gray-black-brown block quilt I bought a few years ago. It's a perfect way to swaddle the tree. Here are some other pretty options.

Snowflake Christmas Tree Skirt

I love the simplicity of this gray and white DIYed crochet skirt. There's a complete tutorial at the link above.

There is also a tutorial for this bright and cheery skirt at Sew 4 Home. I love all the vibrant citrus hues.

This is another DIY skirt, it's a no-sew made from felt. Very simple but gracious, the white and gray are set off beautifully by the dark green tree boughs. Such a pretty combination.

So I think we've proven today that no tree need go through the embarrassment of an ugly bottom. There are so many ways to complete the dressing of the tree in eye-catching style. I think the key is proportion and balance and simplicity. It's got me thinking about how I can style up our medium size table top tree this year. Without space for a large tree we have a lovely little tree on top of an old buffet in our living room. It puts the tree right in window view off our balcony which is festive and it's the focal point when one enters our home. 

We kept it quite simple this year since many of our decorations are locked up in storage still. I spent a few hours making paper chains to wrap our little tree in and then we prettied it up with the few decorations we were able to get from storage and thankfully the tree was pre-lit. It's perfect for our holiday celebrating this year. I'll try to share some photos soon.

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season. We went to our friends' bell choir concert on Sunday which is always our first big holiday event each year. With the short Christmas season this year and quite a bit going on in our family that is completely not holiday related I feel like I need to make sure this year doesn't get glossed over. I'm trying to make sure there is time in front of the fireplace, with the Christmas tree sparking,  holiday music playing and hot cocoa drinking as often as possible. During our few truly cold days here each December I am focused on soul-warming meals, carol singing and bundling up to see the Christmas lights in our area. If I haven't said it yet, Happy Holidays to you my friends.

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This is a great collection of how to dress the tree bases. I enjoyed seeing them!

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