04 February 2013

Taking Time To Breath & Connect With Yourself

Last week I started getting the hang of this new life that has started since the beginning of the year. One of the things I realized I was really missing was meditation, inspiration and quiet time. It was stunning how good it felt to slow down for a few minutes each day to breathe, be still and read something inspiring. Life changing!

It's amazing how it upped the energy, mental health and outlook. Taking a few minutes to be still, be with alone with yourself and listen to your thoughts really gives the soul air to breath, the ability to calm down and proper, calm perspective about life.

It seems like our good habits for these things often go out the window at the holidays and it takes a while to get back in sync. It makes sense that we are often stressed and sick in the month of January when many of us are tired and in a low energy place after the holidays. We are often so busy during the holidays that we don't take two seconds to hear our own selves think for half the month of December.

I've written about this many times. It's an ongoing challenge, one of those things we have to continue and continue to try to master. A vacation, being sick, a holiday, house guests - all these things and many others can throw us off our usual routine and healthy habits.

I have been meditating in the evenings, leaving the TV off and reading inspiring books after dinner and trying to connect with myself every day. It feels so good to get back in touch with me and feel flow rather than tight muscles in my neck and an unpleasant sense of over-busyness every day. When I connect with myself I enjoy my day, am more efficient and feel a lot calmer.

Here are a few other posts about taking time to breath, think and connect with ourselves that might give you more inspiration to find that time each day to breathe and be. Hope you get a chance to do that today!

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