02 May 2012

Little Jar With Big Wishes

I read so much that I realized that I have completely forgotten where I read or saw this. But somewhere in my travels of life the past few weeks I came across someone who said get a little jar and on slips of paper put your big wishes. I'm talking about the BIGGIE BIG wishes, the things that seem ridiculous almost.

So I did. After all what was the harm? What if it did bring good luck? It did make me happy to just say those big dreams out loud on paper. It felt freeing and exciting and it made anything seem possible. And the beautiful thing was that it made all of those things seem possible. So IF for no other reason that this, putting those dreams into a wish jar made me believe a little bit more that all those things can come true. That means I am working for them and believing in them with more passion. That's a great thing!

So I'm inviting you to create your own wish jar. It's fun to think about what you'll put on those little strips of paper. Then let me know what happens. I will definitely let you know when a biggie dream comes true. Happy BIG wishing!

image via kalanicut

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Wish 1: My dd18 gets her heart transplant and lives to be a happy healthy 100 year old!
Wish 2: My ds12 pvercomes his disability and lives to be a happy healthy 100 year old!
Wish 3: ds and I live to be happy healthy 100 year olds and I die one second after he dies so he never realizes I'm gone. xoxo Sandra

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