31 October 2012

A Mood Board for BYW Boot Camp

Our BYW Boot Camp teacher Holly Becker, founder of Decor8, gave us an assignment a couple of weeks ago to create a mood board. I was so swamped getting ready to go out of town, being out of town and then coming home to complete busy-ness that I didn't get a chance to work on it until yesterday. The day it was due.

Creating the mood board was a delight but the four or five hours I spend dealing with technical difficulties with computers, printers, cameras, hard drives and then Flikr were just beyond frustrating. Big sigh. So I couldn't post it properly to complete the assignment. There was another option to blog about it and post a link to the class homework board, so I am going to go with that and you all get to see my mood board.

You may have noticed that since starting the BYW class I have updated my About in an attempt to better define my blog and my brand. Here is my new About statement, if you haven't seen it on the home page.

Hi, I'm Kalani and this blog is where I share creative inspiration for peaceful, happy, stylish living. I write about designing a welcoming home, developing personal style and fashioning a beautiful soul.

While creating the mood board, it struck me that what I want most of all is for my blog to reflect my authentic voice, to capture who I am and the things I love. I think this new About statement captures it, captures me. And I think my mood board does the same, it highlights my three main goals: to create a welcoming, lovely home, to develop my own unique personal style sense and most importantly to fashion a beautiful soul.

I appreciate that BYW Boot Camp has given me an opportunity to look back at where I started, how far I've come and to get excited about making small but impactful changes to kalanicut. Creating a mood board was a great exercise to help me refine my brand, focus my efforts and be happy about how my blog is reflecting who I am and what I love.

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