22 October 2012

Discount Boots or The Boots I Really Want?

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I had another of my "get what really makes you happy" revelations again recently. I was at big retail store and saw their cute rain boots that retail for about $30. I thought I should break down and just buy a pair because every year in the fall I think I should buy a pair of rain boots. Then I don't buy them and the rain comes in the winter and I end up ruining a pair of perfectly great shoes and complaining about how I have nothing proper to wear in inclement weather. I know I do this every year because on this blog every fall or winter I talk about it. If you want proof, you can look here, here or here. Crazy.

So when I didn't seen any in my size that I liked, I began to think about going to their online store and settling for something I didn't really like that would be serviceable. Then I caught myself. Why would I buy something that works, when I could buy something I would really like that would be better quality and make me happy to wear.

Then I remembered that I really wanted a pair of quality British wellies. Yes they cost significantly more money but the soles are significantly more stable and sturdy. These boots are just better all around. And rather than lasting for a winter or two, boots like these will last for much longer than that.

I have a sneaky suspicion that this year is going to be a big rainy winter for us. There is something about the super hot summer we've had that is making me think it's going to be a big, wet, rainy winter. I want to be prepared -- and happy and well taken care of. I'm worth it, right? Have you caught yourself scrimping out on yourself over something you really wanted that is of fine quality for something you didn't really want that is less expensive? What did you decide to do?

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Ah wellies ... hope you got them.

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