05 October 2012

10 Little Things I Can't Blame On Anyone Else

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This post is pure comedy. Now that I am mostly at my apartment alone, I have come to realize there's just no one to blame any messes on. It's one thing when The Man and The Bug are here on a regular basis and messes happen quickly. But now that they aren't here much due to The Man's work assignment, there are a few messes that I wish I could blame on someone else. Unfortunately, I'm the only guilty party.

1. Toothpaste splashes on the bathroom mirror and faucet. Guilty.
2. The dirty kitchen floor. Guilty.
3. The overflowing trash or recycling cans. Guilty
4. The sticky microwave handle. Guilty.
5. The pile of laundry. Guilty.
6. The disorganized papers on my coffee table. Guilty.
7. Messy looking couch. Guilty.
8. Disorganized dresser top. Guilty. (As if this was ever anyone else's fault. Ha.)
9. A few things that have piled up on the front entry table. Guilty.
10. Dishes in the sink. Guilty.

All the messes are mine and no they aren't constant or all happening at the same time - and yes I do spend a significant amount of time cleaning. But I am amazed at the messes that happen when there is only one person here on a regular basis. It's life I guess. I have to say though, that I'll take more messes and my Bug and Man here more anytime.

Now that I can look at things from a different perspective I realize that the messes are going to happen anyway. I think I'm accustomed to my previous life where I worked in an office and was away from home for 12+ hours a day. That meant I maybe made one meal at home, not that I cooked much, and spent maybe three to five hours awake and at home on a daily basis. My home was spotless.

Working from home is a whole different ball game. Things are going to get messy. I just wish someone would come and clean up after me once in a while. Ha. Gotta go, the kitchen floor needs moping.


Kelly said...

Ha! I'm over here, dirtying up my place, too. I try to pretend it's my husband's fault, but we both know better. You're a better woman than I am for admitting it in a public forum like this. Heehee... ;-)

Pride In Photos said...

Hello from BYW!!!! Your post was hilarious on things getting messy.
Laurie @ pride in photos

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