30 October 2012

Fix It Day

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Yesterday was my first real day back to regular, every day life after a bit of travel, and wow, it was a busy one. Sunday night my bathtub filled up to the top with the upstairs neighbor's used bath water. Couldn't be more disgusting, right? And it didn't drain. So at midnight I headed to the store to buy some Liquid Plumber and it took over an hour for the water to drain. My big fear was that if someone showered in the morning my bathroom would be flooded.

First thing this morning I was in touch with the building manager and for a good bit of the afternoon I had handymen here working on the bathroom. It was not an easy fix apparently, but everything looks good now. They also fixed my gas fireplace while they were here.

My gas fireplace has been turned off for at least five years or so, first because the regulator was malfunctioning. Then I decided to just leave it off because I had learned that with indulgent fireplace enjoyment I could bounce my gas bill up by five times the usual small bill amount. I have had suspicions for some weeks now that it is going to be a cold, long winter. I don't have anything specific or scientific information to prove that, but I've just had a hunch. So I wanted to get the fireplace in good operational order before the fall ended. Was happy to get that done today. A pleasant surprise!

I also unpacked bags from the trip and weekend visit to my parents, made beds, cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms. I'm took myself out to a nice, early dinner tonight since there really isn't much food in the house. From my trip, I brought home a bag of driftwood collected on a rocky beach last week. I'm starting to think about what I can make with it. I am definitely going to plug in my drill so it's ready to go when I am. More good creativity fun coming soon. Hope your week is going great!

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