04 October 2012

Deep Cleaning Find - Pretty Suede Shoes

Last week when I was cleaning my closet I went through a bunch of large bags I had stored in there. Inside were lanterns that I had purchased for the wedding tables. As I was pulling out bags I was totally caught by surprise to find a shoe box in the closet. I wondered who put it there.

I opened the box, saw the shoes and still no bells were ringing. I looked at the receipt and then when I saw the location of the store and the price (the amazing deal) of the shoes it finally clicked in. I bought these shoes last winter. I have no idea how they ended up in the closet, but it's a little sad that I never, in all these months, wondered where they were or remembered that I'd purchased them. That's embarrassing.

On the bright side, it's the perfect time to find these, just as fall begins and a good time to transition into something that isn't a total sandal. They are so perfect for skirts or pants, cute even with tights on chillier days. A great find, even if it was in my closet. (Insert embarrassed smile here.) They look nice in my closet now living next to their siblings, these very similar clogs I bought a few weeks ago. And they look very similar to these clogs I was drooling about a few months ago. Hilariously here is yet another post on more similarly styled clogs. I guess at least I can say I know my style.

I found something else in there too, a pair of metal bookends that I picked up for the man last spring, shaped as the letter B. Perfect. They are from Ikea and I think they cost less than five dollars, but they will do a good work! So while the cost of my total finds is less than $18, the value is good. Deep cleaning is always a good way to see what you really have. There will always be a few surprises and I often find things I haven't been using that I can repurpose instead of buying something new I thought I needed.

Have you ever experienced the embarrassment of finding things you'd purchased that you totally forgot about? What did you find and how much time had passed? Somebody please tell me I'm not the only one.

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