08 October 2012

BYW Boot Camp Brings A Wave of Excitement

One of the goals I set for myself while The Man is away was to take some classes where I could build my skill set and make some new friends. Some ideas were self-defense, fitness, Reiki, sewing, knitting, writing, personal development and blogging.

It took me a little longer than expected to get my legs under me with this separation, especially because I wasn't sleeping well and we had some stressful family events happen during the summer. So now that fall is here and my energies on the rise, I jumped at the chance to sign up for Blogging Your Way: Boot Camp which started on Friday.

Looking back at the evolution of my blog over the years, I can contribute the great majority of the improvements I have made and skills I have learned in both blogging and photography to  my participation in Blogging Your Way during Fall 2010. Even better I made some amazing friends with students from the class. Some I now know in person, some I look forward to meeting and others I may never meet in the flesh. These dear friends have been a great addition to my life and have been so supportive and cheerful.

One of the best things to come out of my participation in the previous class was that it was a fresh start for me. In the few months leading up to the class I lost a dearest friend who died suddenly and had two other very stressful upheavals come to my life. Being surrounded by Holly Becker's uplifting teachings and life philosophies, Leslie Schewring's cheerful, colorful photography lessons, and the enthusiastic spirits of students from all over the world, was like a fresh, warm wave washing over me. It was time to do, look at, think about and create pretty things. Nothing could have been better for my soul at that moment.

Now I stand again on the threshold of what I know will be a great experience with a new group of BYW students at just the perfect time for another refreshing wave to dive into. I welcome the opportunity with a peaceful, joyful, excited spirit - guaranteed that in a month I will have learned lots of new things, improved myself on many levels and made new friends around the world.

How about you? Are you thinking of taking any classes or learning a new skill this fall? Have you taken any great courses you would recommend? I would love to add some ideas to my list.

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