19 October 2012

Now Is A Time To Wish

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I listened to a podcast interview with Noelle Oxenhandler several times this week while I spent a lot of hours in the car. I was reminded about her book The Wishing Year: A House, A Man, My Soul - A Memoir of Fulfilled Desire. Hearing her talk about the act and beauty of wishing got me inspired to make a new wish list.

As I drove the busy freeways I began to get excited about having a few minutes to sit down and wish, to write down any wishes I have in my heart right now and see them on paper. Oxenhandler's approach is not just to wish, but to then take actions to move towards those wishes. Just being clear about what our wishes are goes a long way to directing our thoughts and actions. Writing them down makes them clear and is something we can look at again and again.

Sometimes our lives have to be driven by many outside influences: a job may dictate where we live, our spouse may travel a lot for work, we may have a sick child or be ill ourselves. When we feel our lives are particularly shaped by these external demands it can be a particularly lovely time to wish.

I am in such a situation now. Things I want to move forward on can't be moved at the moment. People I want to spend my time with aren't available. I am living in a home I don't want to be in and I am very ready for a change. It had grown too small and it is in a noisy, chaotic and expensive neighborhood. So while I am awaiting fresh change that will be able to happen next year, wishing can be a lovely way to keep hope alive, help me stay inspired about what I'm doing each day to enjoy life now and to guide myself closer to those wishes.

With fresh, bright, clean, white paper in hand, a favorite pen and a few minutes of peace I am ready to pour out all the wishes from my heart and put them on paper for review. I have to say I am excited to see what's going on with me right now. I am certain I don't realize everything that is percolating inside..

Are you wishing? Is it something you do regularly or is now a great time to take a few minutes? Do you have a wish you would share? I'll share some of mine in a few days.


Marie said...

I can totally relate! I am often thinking, planning and dreaming about future goals and how to improve my life, myself. In recen months I've learned a lot of happiness comes from within and to try to have more gratitude for what I have now. A great book I read was Deepak Chopra's latest "Reinventing the Body Resurrecting the Soul". Also, a blog that I absolutely love and go to for motivation, is Making Things Happen.

Before we moved into this house we were also crammed in a tiny apartment, we just had so much stuff. I guess the best and only thing you can do is find little ways to make it easier - give things away or maybe it's as simple as finding a space in your home you can call your own to relax and enjoy until you move into your new home. Just know it's not forever and you will appreciate your next home so much more!

Marie said...

Ps I'm from BYW :)

Stephanie Hamilton said...

Wow you have a wonderful take on life...it's really positive when you could be looking at it all through the lense of bitterness or frustration. Keep dreaming and wishing. I know that I have to push through like a salmon swimming upstream sometimes and other times just go with the flow and not worry about the limitations of the stage of life I'm in.....I love the dandelion and I will keep that image with me all week!

dawn@joyfulscribblings said...

I loved your post. I'm always setting goals and thinking of the future which isn't a bad thing, but I find I need to live more in the present. I dream of having a beach home one day, but I'm currently landlocked in Kansas. I have faith my time will come though and try to be grateful for the many blessings I have now. I'm glad I found your blog through BYW.

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