01 October 2012

A Spooky Harvest Tale: Thinking Too Small

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It's October, the perfect time for a scary story! The other day I was working on a marketing project. I set some parameters for myself and started working. Then I realized I should be thinking a little bigger. Then I realized that I could still think a little bigger.

It struck me that I was still thinking way too small. Way too small! I laughed at myself and at the same time felt a little twinge of fear. Not fear of thinking too big, but fear of how often I think too small. Yikes.

It was like a scene from a movie where I realized I was lost in the middle of a corn patch. The corn patch was all my too small, too narrow, too wimpy, too unimaginative thoughts holding me back from doing more and being more than I ever imagined. Like a blonde, college coed running from a horror movie ax-wielding psychopath, I wanted out of that restricting, limiting cornfield immediately. And in my mind I saw myself thrashing through the cornstalks, running at top speed to get out of that field and back into the light, fresh air, and vision of all that is possible in my life.

I actually have a little experience in cornfields. I remember trying to scare myself by getting lost in the cornfields on our farm when I was younger. Even though you could get yourself so turned around that you had no idea which direction you were facing, you could always find your way out - because cornfields are planted in rows. Follow one row and you know you are going in a straight line to the edge. You can't guarantee where you'll end up when you get out, but once you're out, you'll have a whole new perspective on where you need to go from there.

By thinking a little bigger and a then a little bigger still I am following the steps I need to take down one of those rows. I don't know where exactly it will take me, but I do know one thing, it will get me out of the cornfield of small thinking. And no matter where I end up, I know I'll have a much bigger view, perspective and opportunity to experience more, see more, do more and be more.

Have you ever found yourself in the cornfield of small thinking? How did you get yourself out? Where did it take you?

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