11 October 2012

Christmas Gift Giving Simplicity

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I got an email from The Man last week about a book he would be interested in getting for Christmas. In the past few weeks, The Bug has been putting up some pretty committed requests for a 3-foot-tall doll. like these. We already have the smaller version, but I can see how cool having a bigger one would be.

So a few days ago I started putting together my Christmas Gift Giving List. In an era of my life where I am wanting to give nearly everything we aren't using away and just live a clean, simple life, taking control of the holidays feels imperative to me. I've learned my lesson already about overdoing it for birthdays and holidays. And I can honestly say I think I'm STILL overdoing it. We still have gifts and toys from birthdays and holidays past that we barely have time to play with.

So I wanted to go back and visit a few posts about holiday gift giving as I began to put together my holiday plan. I remembered this post and some helpful links from the past. Parental Wisdoms About Gift Giving is a post I wrote about keeping the crazy out of Christmas. In this post there is a link to a great idea from Gabby, aka Design Mom about giving three gifts. I went back to her fantastic post and reread it and all the comments. I got some great gift and traditions ideas from all the other readers too. MagnaTiles are on my list now.

The Bug is in a big fort building phase right now. As much as I love the creativity of gathering every blanket and pillow from throughout the house into one space for fort building, the clean-up is does not interested the builder nor the Mama that ends up having to corral her and all the constructions materials when it's time to clean up. So I'm thinking about a simple kids tent. In my dreams I'd make something wonderful but I think store bought is okay --- as long as there are NO cartoon characters on it anywhere. I'm adding that to my list.

Another thing I should think about is a keyboard. It's time for some piano lessons, based on what I'm hearing from the harmonica around the house lately. And there goes my list getting longer and longer already. Whoa, Bessie!

For The Man this year things will be very simple. His gifts will be heartfelt and comforting. Things to keep him warm and feeling loved while far away. I am going to do my very best to keep it to three or four gifts and a few little stocking stuffers for everyone.

I'm glad to be thinking ahead. Now I need to think smart and keep things simple. Only time will tell how well I do at this. Fingers crossed, lists made. How about you, what is your approach to gift giving and holiday spending? I'd love to hear your comments below. I enjoy hearing about others traditions and philosophies about something so personal to each individual family.


Alice @ get well gift ideas said...

Love the idea for the perfect gifting for xmas, this sounds really great and love to do it, thou I have a long lists for gifting this season...

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Oh gosh, Christmas and gifts. Such a tricky subject when you're trying to keep things simple like you and I are. Some years Ryan and I haven't done gifts, like last year. We are at the point where we have what we need. We'd rather spend the money on a trip together or in savings or on something for the house.

It's hard when you try to convey the simplicity to friends and so many people still feel that gifts are necessary even when you say "we'd like to not do gifts this year." We keep trying to message that but to no avail. As for me, I try to handmake gifts when I can -it's more meaningful that way.

kalanicut said...

Jane I love what you said about "we have what we need." That is so good! I love the travel idea & the handmade inspiration.

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