21 December 2010

The Christmas Card Creative Process

Here's a sneak peek. Have been working on the creation of my Christmas cards for some weeks now and things finally gelled over the weekend. When I saw this stack of paper at Michaels over Thanksgiving weekend, it just jumped out at me. It was something fun and modern and really spoke to how I'm feeling about color these days. Interestingly, it suddenly strikes me as I write this that these are the exact colors in the ornament I chose a few weeks ago too.

So while it's rained by the buckets full over the past few days, I have cut, folded, drawn, debated and analyzed. The cards are now made, but the envelopes still need to be cut out and folded and address labels need to be made. And stamps purchased. THEN I'll be done with holiday cards for this year.

I have really enjoyed and appreciated the holiday cards I've received this year from lovely friends. Since starting this blog and joining FB I've gained a deeper appreciation for friendships old and new and treasure each one more. It's fun to see where your lives are leading you, what you've learned and who you continue to become. Happy Holidays, dear friends!


Carole said...

They are lovely. And yes, the colours are divine. Hope you have a lovely christmas. xx

knack said...

pretty , pretty friend!

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Hope you have a wonderful relaxing season!


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