05 May 2011

So Dreamy - Meg Ryan's Martha's Vineyard Home

I have always had a little thing for Meg Ryan, it waned a bit through the whole divorce from Dennis Quaid, Russell Crow, plastic surgery phases, but I have to say I'm impressed with her design talents. Her home on Martha's Vineyard is the perfect inspiration for a dream beach home. I love all the windows, the barn doors, the clean simple design and all the artistic touches. She did work with a designer, but mainly to help with sourcing materials and to bounce ideas off. Meg has lots of experience and definitely drove the design process.

She said her goal was to get people in the house enjoying the views to outside the house and I think she achieved that. It's cozy but uncomplicated, warm and welcoming. I am a little envious of the guests who are invited to stay here. It looks like the perfect place to make memories with friends and family with perfect little nooks to curl up together as well as spots for quiet solitude.

You can see a tour of this gorgeous home in Elle Decor here and read the article about the entire design process here - it's pretty interesting. And you can read design tips from Meg here.

image by William Waldron


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is definitely a beautiful place! So light and airy yet still being cozy. Really lovely. :)

Hey, thank for your comment on my blog! For reading aloud, have you heard of the Little Britches series? My dad used to read them to us - they're also out west and based on a true story, but about a boy. Very touching story. :)

Ever - The red house by the lake said...

The black floors on this pictures makes it all look so much more dramatic and modern. Love it!!

Anonymous said...

That is a stunning house.
I've always liked Meg Ryan. The divorce from Quaid was not her fault. As came out a few years ago, he cheated on her for many years throughout their marriage. No wonder she left him!

Kelly said...

What a great room! Love the airy feeling and raised ceilings.

Anonymous said...

Lovely house, great actress and I like your blog.
I'm glad I stopped by.

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