27 May 2011

Remembering The Best

It's Memorial Day weekend here in the states. It's the non-official start of Summer 2011 and a time to remember the good things and good people in life. Here's a quick list of things I'm thankful for and mindful of this weekend.

1) All those who have served to protect the freedoms we enjoy in this big, beautiful country I call home.
2) The amazing family and friends who are no longer with us but leave a shining example to live by.
3) To appreciate every bit of summer. Make the most of it with family and friends and make fun plans.
4) Eat wonderful delicious, fresh food. All the fresh fruit and vegetables should not be missed this summer.
5) Have a barbecue. Have lots of barbecues.
6) Spend time outside. Ride bikes, go the the beach or lake or park, lay in the sun, catch sunsets often.
7) Live more joyfully and less stressfully.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend. We are looking forward to harvesting our first tomatoes this weekend. I can't wait to let The Bug pick them. She's been watching over them diligently for weeks and weeks. I know this will mean some killer BLTs are coming too. I am sure we'll hit the beach, earlier than later --it seems to get progressively more crowded with each day of a 3-day weekend. The Bug can play catch, kick and Frisbee now so that will add a fun new dimension to the beach if we can pull her out of the water for a few minutes. This may not be possible, she's a Pisces -- hello, little fish.

Sending you my warmest wishes for a lovely weekend and beautiful summer to come. Sorry friends in Australia, I know you're going the other directions on the seasons. Certainly don't mean to overlook that. Happy Winter. ;) Thank you so much for coming by this blog on a regular basis, for your wonderful, inspiring, thoughtful, cheerful comments. Adore you so. xoxo, -k

photo by kalanicut

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Indulging said...

This is a lovely post :) Indeed, if we reflect, there is so much in life to be thankful for!

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