16 May 2011

Boden Summer 2011 Delights

Happy Monday dear friends. So happy to be here with you again today. I hope you have a fantastic day. Today is ours for the taking! Here are a few delicious treats from Boden for the summer. I love a good tunic anytime. I'm constantly on the prowl for a good casual skirt and I fall quickly for pretty leather sandals. Ahhh, dreamy!

Summers are fun, easy-going and relaxed. It's easy to get a little too relaxed or sloppy when things are busy, but what a difference it makes when you stop yourself and take a few minutes to put yourself together in a way that makes you feel great. Add a cheery scarf, put a little more time into jewelry, make your ponytail a little snazzier by wrapping a strand of hair around the rubber bands or adding a pretty hair ornament. Instead of flip flops put on a pair of pretty leather flats or maybe wear a skirt instead of shorts or capris.

Amazing how it can make you feel more confident, cheerful, energetic and brave to face the world. Take a few minutes today to turn it up a bit, spice it up, spruce it up, sass it up. It's your day, feel great, look good, do good!

images from Boden


Bestie said...

thx for the pep talk! i do love boden for some bright pops of color! AND don't forget the little ones..I am patiently awaiting my order fro mini-boden.

Catherine said...

I love Boden! Their catalogs always have at least 1 out of every 3 pages dog-eared.
I'm definitely looking for ways to not look sloppy this summer when my trademark accessory, the pashmina scarf (I have several I love to rotate between), goes back into the closet. Great ideas!

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