04 May 2011

Thrift Store Delights - Girls Embroidered Tops & Bottoms

It seems whenever I need a little inspiration for my creative side there's nothing better than a wander around  my local thrift store to get the wheels turning. Furniture ripe for refinishing, frames dying for a repaint, wood bowls awaiting a good sanding, lamps and lampshades dripping with possibilities. I've mentioned it before but I find the best kids clothing at our local thrift store. It helps that I live in an area where most people only have one or two kids and space is limited so people don't hang onto things they don't need for long.

I scored on some great embroidered pieces yesterday I had to share. I adore these jeans but they fit The Bug perfectly right now, which means by next week if she goes through a growth spurt or it stays too hot for jeans for a while they could be o-v-e-r, but she loved them and for the price they are worth as many wears as we can squeeze into them.

The Bug fell hard for this tee shirt. I have to admit it's pretty cute and for $2.99 it was a great deal. Teal, orange and pink are favorite combinations right now. It definitely inspires some DIY ideas.

There's nothing I love more in summertime than a good, lightweight, white cotton top. Add embroidery to it in any color and it's a must. I love the pink trim around the neck and the flowers are all the hottest colors of the day. The thing I most love about this top is that it will go with almost every skirt and pair of shorts or pants in the closet.

Have you scored on anything great at the thrifts lately? Are you looking & hoping to find anything particular? Thanks for coming by. Hope the rest of the day is filled with peace, joy and success. Cheers, K.

images by kalanicut

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