23 May 2011

A Bike - A Favorite Birthday Gift

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I got my first bike for my birthday when I turned five and since then have received bikes for several birthdays. I have a wonderful cruiser bike now that was another much beloved gift. You can read all about her here and here.

Today is my birthday and I'm thinking of new bikes. I love my 1-gear cruiser bike so much but riding it with a super fit guy on a 21-speed bike can be quite frustratingly slow. The handle bars are so wide, which I like a lot, but it can be scary to try to weave through small spaces and in crowds. I need a good city bike with more speed capacity and a smaller profile. If you are looking for a good bike for errands, running around your neighborhood and family bike rides you will definitely be interested in these flexible options.

The Firmstrong Urban 7-gear bike above is a cruiser, so the handlebars are still wide, but with seven gears I could definitely pick up my speed and still ride in great comfort. This is the  same bike I have with gears added - but mine has the optional fenders and a darling wicker basket which are a must I think.

This Schwinn Panther 7-speed cruiser would definitely provide a comfort ride. I also like that this bike comes with fenders, because riding around the city you just don't want street junk spraying up on you. But it definitely needs a pretty basket on the front, right?

The Trek Allant bike gets rave reviews, has a great narrow profile for city riding, it is basket ready, comes with fenders and has 21-gears. This looks like an awesome bike for city riding. I also love that this bike comes in three sizes. Since I have crazy long legs and arms it's often a challenge to be truly comfortable on a mass-produced bike that doesn't fit quite right.

I'm pretty charmed by the pretty, girlish look of this Electra Townie 24-speed bike available at REI. I love that it has fenders and a rack on the back and you can still add a basket to the front. I'm all about how to carry groceries home on the bike these days without having multiple bags hanging from the ends of the handle bars -- which I have been known to do once the basket is overflowing. This bike also boasts a lot of adjustability to adapt to rider's height which I am of course a fan of.

Summer is just around the corner, it's a great time to invest in a good bicycle and make the most of the summer riding with family and friends. It's also a great way to save big money if you can use it to run errands or even ride it to work. It will also get you in better shape -- bicycling makes for very sexy calves. Get on a two-wheeler and give it some love this summer. It will definitely love you back in so many ways.

Happy Monday! Hope it's a great day for you!

image 1: beachbikes.net
image 3: bikereviews.com
image 3: rei.com

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