31 May 2011

Fossil Sandals I'd Invest In

Wow! What a weekend. For the first time in a long, long time we were able to just relax and enjoy the entire weekend with no obligations, projects or work to deal with. What a joy. We did a lot and ended the weekend at a swimming/barbecue party with our dear friends. We were all exhausted by the time we got in the car to go home. Thank you lovely friends for such a lovely day.

Every summer I'm always on the lookout for comfortable sandals that are a step up from flip flops and have a little feminine style to them. Good leather and a flat sole for all day walking and standing seal the deal. These sweet Alice braided sandals, from Fossil, one of my favorite leather goods brands, could make a great statement for Summer 2011. I love the cross over strap and the stability you get with the toe strap. 

Now I know I wrote a good bit about buying less last week. Here's how this fits into that philosophy. From now on my goal is not to buy stuff that gets me by for a while, but rather thoughtfully purchase quality items that will last me at least a year or so and work for a variety of needs. Each season, I evaluate my clothing needs and start looking for things that will cover me on as many bases as possible.

These beautiful dark brown leather sandals would be great with pants, capris, shorts, skirts or dresses. If they are comfortable for walking, which I don't know yet,  then they are prize winners. That would make them great for travel too. And it looks like the foot bed is made of real suede. So many companies are cheaping out on that with faux suede which smells awful after a while.

The best part is the price, only $49. That's a great buy for high quality sandals. Wardrobe investment piece - Fossil Alice Braided Sandal.

image via fossil

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