20 May 2011

Storage, A Naked Neighbor & Don't Miss Blog Posts

It's Friday. Happy Friday! Thought I would share a bit of sidewalk chalk art we came upon today. It was lovely and I adored all the chalky sea creatures overlooking the real ocean. I sort of had my weekend during the week, so I have a good list of things to do this weekend.

One of my goals is to get a good sports bag or box in the back of my car with bats, balls of all kind and things we can do at the park (including bubbles, kites, etc). I have most of this stuff, it's just never easily accessible so we aren't using it. I have learned I don't mind spending half a day at the park if we have a rotation of things to do. The bike rack is finally back on my car too where it will stay for the summer so that we can take the bikes out with us easily and quickly.

Earlier this week I bought four large plastic bins that I can stack together and lock for storage. I am looking forward to emptying some things out of my closets and transitioning more long term storage stuff into these boxes. I'm thinking a lot about what it would be best to put into these boxes. I am especially looking forward to making a little more space in my bedroom now that I have moved my workspace in there. I still think I have some lamps and furniture I need to sell.

Speaking of lightening things up, I can't stop thinking about this awesome post at Poppytalk about dip dye style basket pendant lights. The photos conjure of all sorts of fun ideas. I can see a couple of these hanging over my dresser in my room in front of the large picture window that faces someone else's kitchen windows (ugh).

I was sitting at my desk a couple of weeks ago in the middle of the night and looked out my window just in time to see my senior citizen neighbor standing in front of the fridge buck naked. Curtains were wide open and bright overhead lights were aglow. Much to my relief, as I quickly averted my eyes, his angle and the kitchen counter saved me from complete eye-blinding horror. Anything to further block that view is much appreciated.

It's also my birthday on Monday so I will do a bit of celebrating and thinking about the year to come. That is if the world doesn't end on Saturday, which is a laugh to me at this point either way it goes down. I am also guest blogging at Mod Nest on Monday, so that's a pretty good Happy Birthday To Me moment. I love Mod Nest and Lia's amazing art reviving old vintage lamps. Lia has some great guest bloggers this week with posts I am really enjoying looking at.

I would also recommend you check out Decor8 this week. Holly has some really fantastic posts that will give you quite a bit of dreamy enjoyment and DIY inspiration. Have a fantastic weekend! See you back here Monday. Hope you have a happy and relaxing weekend. Cheers!

images by kalanicut



Great blog title. And a special happy birthday on Monday.


dkmart said...

Oh....my....goodness. I can't even tell you how many things are wrong with what you saw out of your window late at night. You poor thing! But, although you may not think it's funny, I laughed. I laughed VERY loudly! Thanks so much for the chuckle!

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Oh man. At my old condo group I'd be outside at night and would see my old man neighbor buck naked in the bathroom. I guess he forgot the shades quite often. It was funny. Gross, but funny.

Happy Birthday!! If the world doesn't end tomorrow I hope you have a great year ahead :)

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