24 May 2011

Beautiful Extra-long Curtain Panels from ZGallerie

Good morning! Happy Tuesday to you. Hope you have a wonderful day and see all the good around you. Have you noticed that in many design magazines and on many design television shows you see designers hanging curtain rods much higher than the window to add height to the room. It makes the window look more glamorous and spacious. Unfortunately many shops only sell curtain panels in 84 inch lengths.

At IKEA many styles allow you to create your own length and use iron-on webbing to hem them yourself. The only thing that frustrates me about that is that most, if not all of their sheers are only 84 inches so they don't work when paired with anything you hem yourself longer than 84 inches. It can be a tricky business.

I have said this several times but I was never a regular at ZGallerie until the past year and I have really become a fan. I was really impressed to see that they these beautiful curtain panels in 84 inch and 96 inch versions. I love these aquamarine panels. This is one thing I really love about ZGallerie, you can always find a lot of options in colors, sizes and styles.

Sadly, after a couple of frustrated years, I'm giving up on aquamarine or robin's egg blue bed linens because no matter how much I spend, they will within weeks being to look shabby, faded, bleached by some skin cream, etc. I was just as annoyed when this happened with the fantastic set I found for $15 as I was the set I spent over $100 for. Have you had similar problems with light colored cotton sheets? Any suggestions, favorite brands, treatment options?

I am definitely looking for new ways to incorporate this favorite color in window treatments and in other areas of my brown, white and beach blue bedroom. Thanks for the options ZGallerie!

image from ZGallerie

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