17 May 2011

Ferm Living Wallpaper Fabulosity

Happy Tuesday! Wow, yesterday was a crazy day. When I checked the daily stats for this little blog the number was so high I couldn't make sense of it - more than five times the usual readership. I'm hoping the numbers are real and it's not another blogger breakdown somehow, haa-haa. Thank you to everyone who came by. I hope you'll keep coming by. It's such a joy to have you and make your acquaintance. You are so very welcome here.

It's another touch of Scandinavia here today. Ferm Living has a beautiful, inspiring collection of wallpapers. I tried to pick one that really caught my eye, but then it became a frenzy of not being able to choose just one. Some are serene, some are spunky. There's definitely something for everyone -- And, oh, hello, it's designed and manufactured in Denmark. Ah, sweet Denmark. No wonder I like Ferm Living so much.

While you are at the site take a few minutes to look at their awesome wall stickers, pillows, home accessories, kitchenware, linens and more. I love the Coat Tree Wall Sticker (how smart is that?) and could really use the World Map Pillow. That would come in so handy on all the days when The Bug asks where some country is. I wouldn't have to go dig up a map every time!

Speaking of kids, Ferm Living also has a full line of kids toys, wallpaper, wall stickers and linens. I am totally charmed by the Plywood Animals and The Little Dorm. You can also see their products in use in homes on their blog Clever Spaces.

Ferm Living totally takes me back to my days in Scandinavia. Hope you enjoy browsing their site. Have a great Tuesday! Sending you warmest wishes and thanks for visiting kalanicut.

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