10 May 2011

Wait & Listen, Inspiration Comes In Many Ways

I am so sorry for my unplanned absence yesterday. I had a project come up unexpectedly that took my day completely. So happy to be back with you. I've missed you over the weekend and long day yesterday.

So I've been asking a lot of questions of the universe lately. Why things happen? What am I to do about this problem I'm facing?  What am I to learn from this process? Am I doing the right thing? Am I doing a wrong thing?  You know the questions, we all sink into them now and again. I've been deeply missing dear confidants who have moved far away or worse passed away.

Last night, very late at the end of my very long day I turned on the TV just to unwind a bit. I rarely ever have the TV on. While I was watching, I was very surprised to hear answers to these questions coming to my mind in the quiet late of night. An answer to my prayers in the form of a song played to close a scene, a message of love on a gravestone that spoke to me. This was not a show I was expecting to inspire me, I was just watching for distraction and entertainment, so I thought.

Then the idea came to my mind from something said on TV that all I have to do is do my very best today in the day I am living - that nothing else matters. Taking it a day at a time and doing my very best to be moral, loving, gracious, honest, valiant, to stand up others who need my help, law abiding and be mindful of my life and who I chose to be is the goal. I can do that minute by minute. I needn't worry of anything more than that. Do your best today and be as kind, generous and forgiving to yourself as you are to others.

Then I watched a short inspirational message where it said once you stop worrying your attitude changes and you are in a position to receive. I definitely received some great inspiration to thoughts I'd been having last night. I think they came because I took time away to be quiet, to give time to inspirational resources, to be calm and peaceful. Sometimes it takes some time for those answers to come. They don't always come as we want or when we want. But I know that they come more often when we take time for quietude, to separate ourselves away from the noise of the world for a while.

When I thought about listening, I thought of this beautiful little bunny's ears. Bunnies are good at stopping and quietly listening. Then they act upon what they sense. A talent I hope to continue to acquire. Hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for coming by.


jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

That is a good point, about being like the bunnies. Good luck with whatever it is you are processing right now!

Ever - The red house by the lake said...

I think that is so true - often when we relax and just let everything go we will get/find the answers. But it is very hard to let go like that.

The bunny is so cute!

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