13 May 2011

Online Friends Can Become Real Life Friends

One often hears warnings about the pitfalls of socializing online. Notions that people shouldn't be trusted, the relationships one makes aren't real, it's a waste of time...and on and on. I had a great conversation about this and many other things yesterday when I had the chance to meet an online friend who I can now say is a real life friend, Margot Madison, of Margot Madison Creative.

When Margot emailed last week and said she would be in my neck of the woods and asked if I wanted to get together, I said yes, absolutely. So we had a great time meeting and since we live nowhere near each other and I have never even been to her home state, it was a super opportunity to meet.

You may remember that Margot and I met in the Blogging Your Way online class I took last fall. Just a couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of sharing guest posts on each other's blogs. Margot wrote a great post on Wedding Announcement Trends here and you can link to my guest post on Torn Paper Art here and a follow up here.

Margot and I met at The Getty Center for a lovely afternoon of beautiful gardens, wonderful food, a bit of  shopping, lots of conversation and even some art. I came home with a brain full of so many thoughts to process about business, marketing, communications, creativity, relationships, family, socializing and on and on -- and most of all I really glad we'd had the chance to get together.

Talking with others always reminds me that my joys should be more appreciated and my troubles are not so unique to me - that we can all get through the difficulties of life together. I think this is one of the great blessings of having the opportunity to make friends all around the world. It certainly makes our troubles and our world feel smaller.

It's amazing what you can learn from people, on the opposite side of the globe or just down the street, who are having the same human experiences you are. Yes it's true one should not base his or her entire life online, but being online can certainly enrich one's life offline as well.

images by kalanicut

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Kelly said...

Sounds like you two had a great time! So sorry I couldn't make it -- hopefully we can meet up again soon. :-)

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