18 December 2012

Tragedy Reminds Us To Love More

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As I have thought about this tragedy in Connecticut, I have been so inspired and pleased to see the great outpouring of love, desire to support and love each other that has come from this tragedy. I am so pleased to see the rise of the human spirit to survive, to love and protect one another. What a great gift in tragedy. I am so impressed with the people of Newtown, Connecticut and the world at large for turning this into a time of support and love.

As I hope this love continues to increase throughout Newtown, Connecticut, my country and the world I must think about my role and each of our roles in making this happen. What can we each do to bring greater light to the world. I found myself wanting to be more friendly, more positive, more loving to everyone around me. It was easier to say kind and loving words without shyness, intimidation or embarrassment. I wanted to share more smiles, be more mindful to help strangers and friends around me.

On Friday I was at one of the Navy bases in San Diego. As I was walking up to the doors to one of the very busy buildings, a very handsome, sharply dressed young man in uniform took a moment to step aside hold the door for me with a smile. It instantly put a smile on my face and I felt a moment of deep gratitude that there are young men like this in the world. I thought of the parents and influencers (teachers, neighbors, relatives, friends' parents) who raised this young man to be so aware of others and be so kind. I am grateful for the teachings and examples of these fine people.

As I strive to help my spirit rise above tragedies such as this one, I pray that I and all of us will be more aware and loving to each other, that we will pray for and wish each other well, help each other, serve each other and do all we can to bring more light to the world through our own actions, thoughts and desires.

I hope you will join me in smiling more, being more thoughtful and kind and bringing more light into the world in your home, your neighborhood, city and from there the world. There are many troubled hearts that can be soothed and even healed with our kindness and other's inspired to carry on that spirit. Sending you my smile, my best wishes, my hopes and faith in brighter days.

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