28 February 2011

You're Turning My Head China Seas Fabrics

photo by Mikkel Vang, seen in House Beautiful

I am desperate for new bedding. Several years ago I invested in a new set, from top to bottom - new down comforter, pillows, sheets, bedskirt, mattress pad, comforter cover, shams and coverlet. You can see it here.

Now the comforter cover is falling apart at the seams and has totally lost it's shape. The featherbed is long since dead and gone. It's all just tired. Some parts are still in good shape and I will definitely reuse those in the next evolution. The white coverlet recently spent the night in the bathtub with a few cups of OxyClean and looks pretty great.

I like a calm, peaceful, retreat feeling to the bedroom. But photos like the one above have me thinking more about color. I had to do some research on this fabric and if it was available in bedding or this was custom made. It's from a line called China Seas which is quite popular with designers. I had never heard of it. But I found an excellent catalog of their line at Quadrille Fabrics.

I quite love the Ziggurat, seen above in this pattern and the reverse. I also love the Macoco II, New Chrysanthemum, Pasha Paisley and Seya in the orange and red. This is a great line of fabric to incorporate into you home in full force, for pillows or even framed to bring a punch of color. Once you have seen some of these fabrics you'll start noticing them in magazines and on blogs.

Now I'm totally confused about what to do with my bedroom, but I definitely have found a line of fabrics that speak to me and that I could incorporate into my home in many ways. You never know what you might find when you start doing a little research.

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