14 February 2011

Back In The Saddle

Happy Valentine's Day! Hooray! It's so great to be back today blogging. I want to thank you for your kind wishes and prayers. I felt and still feel your good energy. I am feeling a lot better, still taking things slowly.

My biggest challenge right now is that I have (hopefully temporarily) lost hearing in my left ear. It will be a couple of months before we know if my hearing will return to normal. It will be some weeks before I will be healed enough to be tested. But I feel like it is getting better and I am meditating good, healing vibrations every day.

I am committed to keeping things simple and slow. I made a new 2011 dream life chart. On my last dream life chart, made in 2009 I had 33 items. On my new dream life chart I have only 14. My first step to simplifying. I'll be sharing more about my newly strengthened convictions about living a very simple, less stressful life. Happy Monday. I'll have a fun, new post later this morning.

photo from Microsoft


Michelle Donald said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing about your life strategies on simplifying your life - I'm trying to do the same this year. You know... keep the balance between family, exercise, work & blogging and it's not always easy!

knack said...

so glad that you are back and feeling better! I will be praying for a complete recovery for your hearing.

I am with you on the simplifying! I had quite the week last week and it really caused me to re think a lot of things and change some directions!

Happy Valentines Day!


Kelly said...

Welcome back. Looking forward to hearing more on the simplifying process. 14 goals sounds so much happier than 33.

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