24 February 2011

The Chairs I Dream Of

I have been in love with some form of this chair for the past six years. In the design shop I worked in years ago there was a pair of these chairs with dark legs and cream microfiber suede. I was so fond of them - I think I probably spoke to them like friends. I thought time and time again about ordering a pair.

Looking back I wish I had. The fact that I'm still thinking about them, tells me I should've gone for it. I'm happy to see that this chair is still around in full force. It can be found now in almost any major furniture store or catalog. It's called a Sweep Arm Chair. West Elm offers this chair in a lovely array of fabrics.

They are very comfortable and the perfect size to pair together tidily in a living room. Two of these chairs take up many inches less space than a basic arm or club chair. I like the clean simplicity too. With a little kidney pillow like the one on this slipper chair, perhaps in a fabulous contrasting fabric against the back of the seat they make a delightful statement. Sweep Arm Chair I have my eye on you. Wink, wink.

photo by West Elm

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