18 February 2011

Where Are MY Colored Pencils?

Yesterday I was sketching out a little project to make some curtains. My idea, which I am still debating about was to make dark pink curtains and then loosely sew or glue on very lightweight, stiff, white cotton butterflies randomly all over it. I would only sew/glue down the bodies so that the wings could flap and fly freely.

I grabbed a pen, sketched it out - the suddenly, desperately wanted to finish my sketch by bringing it to life with colors. It was at this moment I realized that while The Little Bug has a vast arsenal of coloring equipment here at my house, I have nothing. I have no markers, no colored pencils, not even a crayon do I own. So I became quite driven to get to the art supply store two blocks from my house, Utrecht, and buy myself a simple set.

I was running a bunch of errands, so made the poor decision to drive there. This took 3xs longer to drive the two blocks, circle the block 3 times looking for parking and get into the store than if I had walked. Note to self, never drive there again. And of course, they do not sell $1, $3 or $5 sets of colored pencil sets. They sell the GOOD stuff, starting at $10. And naturally the more I looked the more I thought I needed. I did want a white pencil and many sets did not have one. Then I saw the erasable set. Of course, that's what I had to have. Can't wait to pull them out!

I also bought a pad of watercolor paper. Just yesterday I was wondering where my watercolor boards had gone to. I got them years ago from a company that supplies Waldorf Schools with art materials. You can wet your paper, flatten it out on the board and it sticks while you make your mess. They are lovely and clean up very easily. 

A short time later I walked into the other room and knowing nothing about my interest in finding them, The Man had set them out by the door. I grabbed them and knew I needed to buy paper and do some of my ultra-simplistic watercoloring. It looks like it's going to be an overcast weekend, so it's the perfect time to do some art projects and feed the creative soul within.

photo by kalanicut

1 comment:

Kelly said...

They really get you with the colored pencils, don't they? Love that store - but it can be dangerous, too. Hope you have fun sketching. :-) Sounds so perfect for this weather.

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