24 February 2011

A Peek At The Handmade Valentines

Here is a quick look at our handmade Valentine's cards for this year. Here's mine. I used my favorite papers to make an envelope, which I stamped my "To" salutations on and then chose a festive red cardstock to make the card. I stamped the off-white paper to make the heart then cut it out with my favorite craft scissors. They cute the edging to look like a postage stamp. Did I ever tell you that I bought a bag full of about 10-12 craft scissors last summer at a thrift store for $3? Score.

So I glued my heart on the front, then on the inside I glued a coordinating teal polka dot paper and then my stamped note and the personal note that you can't see for privacy's sake.

The Little Bug's card was made using a Xyron Make-a-Sticker machine. But not to get ahead of myself. I was experimenting with some painting and stamping and we ended up cutting up the watercolor paper to make stickers out of. Then we affixed them in a modern pattern to create her card for her dad. She dictates her notes and I write them and she says some pretty hilarious stuff which I write down word for word just like with her letters. My favorite phrase she says right now is, "That's ICK-gusting." rather than disgusting. Cracks me up.

Her loving sentiments to her much adored dad are blurred as these things are very much between then, but I thought it would be fun to show the card. I quite like how she chose to arrange thing, the warm colors all together and how her words flow in and out of the open spaces.

I have also been experimenting with some Easter projects which I'll share with you soon. I'd love to hear what you are thinking about for Easter. It's so late this year that it's a little weird. With three Spring birthdays and Easter it's going to be a busy, creative few months to come. Have a fantastic Thursday! Thanks so much for visiting.

photos by kalanicut

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