27 February 2011

2 Magazine Racks for Sale


While I am working on simplifying life and reworking my apartment I am selling a few treasures. I have quite a few lovely little items hidden away in closets.  Here are the first two items I'm selling - two great magazine racks. The first is a vintage bamboo rack and the second a galvanized steel rack that hangs on the wall. If you're interested contact me at kalanicut@hotmail.com or leave a comment here.


$20- No longer available

Hope you're enjoying the Academy Awards! There are quite a lot of opinions out there about who will win and who looks good or doesn't look good. Will be fun to see how it all unfolds in the end.

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Looks like you are making progress. I love simplifying.

The new Blogging Your Way class is starting this week. So glad that I met you in the last one.


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