18 February 2011

Putting A Stamp on Spring

Popped in to JoAnn Fabric & Craft yesterday to do some research for some upcoming projects. I anticipated I would buy a few supplies but in the end was at the cashier line with two glue sticks. Then I saw the dollar bin and put on my screeching brakes. I spent the next 10 minutes on my hands and knees rummaging through the stamp and ink bins.

Since I just invested in clear stamp blocks and have been having some fun with my stamp alphabet, I was ready to add a few more pieces to my arsenal. Here's what I got.

Valentine's Stamps - They were half price and you can use these charming hearts all year round.

Easter Stamps - So cute. I see an upcoming art project with The Little Bug and it could be fun to make a few little decorations for the house. I'm trying to be more holiday festive, which requires some advance preparation I never seem to give enough time to. I have more than two months now, according to my calculations.

Festive Spring Ink Colors - These were so cheery I could not pass them up. My current supply of ink stamps are a few years old and starting to dry out a bit. They are also all more serious, wintry colors. So I thought these would make a great addition.

Bird on a Branch Stencil - I have an idea in my head to make Robin's Egg Blue curtains for my room and stencil this bird on it in red. I also have a little headboard to paint. I wanted it to be dark brown, but it needed something fun to bring it to life. I thought this stencil in white on a dark brown headboard might be very charming. The bedding is already very colorful, so a neutral, bright white would be perfect.

Hope you have a terrific weekend. It's been so great to be back with you this week. I've missed this.

photos by kalanicut

1 comment:

Michelle Donald said...

All so gorgeous. Great choices - I love them all too.

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