17 February 2011

Sticker and Tape Adventures

I got this for Christmas. I was so excited about it - opening up a whole new world of fun experimentation, gift wrapping and card making options and more. Well it's been almost two months now and I haven't had a chance to even open it yet. I think I'll do some playing with it this weekend.

I'm totally inspired by this post from Natalie Jost. This is what inspired me to put Create-a-Sticker on my holiday wish list in the first place. Such fun ideas. In fact, now I'm thinking that perhaps I should go through the fabric I put in a bag to send to the thrift store yesterday. There may be some fun, small pieces in there that would be perfect for this project. Can't wait to play around with it and will definitely share the results with you soon.

I'm going out to buy a little gift for someone today and want to do something fun with the wrapping so here's a great opportunity to get crafty. Hope you're having a beautiful day and have a chance to do something to feed your creative soul! That could be just looking out the window for a few minutes and taking a deep breath. That does wonders for me.

I'm heading out of the house today. But first I have to wash my hair, which is a real trick-a-roo when you have to try to keep water out of your ear. The sound of the blowdryer is equally non-enjoyable. LOL. Not one of my favorite tasks lately. Then I'm out the door for a bunch of errands. I will enjoy running errands today. It's been a long time and it's sunny and beautiful outside. If I wasn't going to 10 different places with a load of stuff I'd love to ride my bike.

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