25 February 2011

Quick Health Update

I wanted to give you a quick update on my recuperation since you have been so kind to extend prayers and good thoughts my way. Sunday night I began getting very sharp pains in my head and neck around my ear. Monday morning I woke up to find I could hear quite a bit better. It's still muffled, fuzzy and sometimes painful, but I can happily now hear people talking to me from a distance, from behind, etc. Noisy environments are still a challenge but things are looking up! When my hearing was very bad my mom kept telling me I was whispering when I thought I was practically yelling. Now I feel like it sounds like I'm yelling when I trying to speak in a regular voice. More adjusting to be done.

I am still surprisingly tired, but I think part of that is that I generally have more discomfort at night, so I'm not sleeping that well. I've noticed that little things frazzle me a bit more than normal and I am pretty wiped out by 6 pm. In my entire life I have never felt tired like I have at times in the past few weeks.

But I have enough hearing back to function pretty well. I also have enough of my hearing & voice back to sing - that's exciting - even though it buzzes my ear like crazy. Hopefully it will continue to heal and be completely restored. Thank you again for your kind messages over the past seven weeks. Wishing you peace, health and happiness. I'll be back later this morning with more...

photo by kalanicut
art by The Bug - It's a happy Unicorn


Spiral Style said...

Glad your health is heading in a positive direction.


I hope you continue to mend. I had that happen to me a number of years ago . . . lost 70 % of my hearing for two weeks. It was lonely and gave me a little idea of what it would be like for those that have lost their hearing.

Keep resting.


Tracy Aldous said...

So sorry you've been dealing with so much! I've been thinking of you and hope your recovery continues smoothly and quickly! Much love, Tracy

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