22 February 2011

Recap of 11 Things for January 2011

You may remember, many moons ago, I was inspired by 365 Small Details to set 11 goals for the month of January. You can read my original post here. Despite the fact that January was a bit of a disaster, I thought it would be interesting to see how much I accomplished. Here's a quick recap.

1. Had that amazing steak on New Year's Eve. It was fantastic. I may remember that meal for life!

2. I did visit my sister in early February with my mother while I was recovering. It was great to see her, she is a delight! I also got to visit with my other sister too, unexpectedly. We had some nice meals and talks.

3. I did not go on any photography adventures. Even when I left the house, I forgot my camera.

4. I did not do much service. But I was the recipient of a great deal of kind service, for which I am deeply grateful.

5. Took no action on the spa giftcard.

6. Made plans for the lunch and then had to cancel when I got sick two days before. We will reschedule!

7. Completed my vision board in early January and am thrilled that The Man and Little Bug were excited to each make one too. Was not expecting that. But I adore their boards. So charming to see their visions!

8. Yes, amazing massage...and facial...and haircut and highlights in early February. It was a good week of recovery thanks to my Momma watching out for me.

9. I did not venture into any new shops or much of anywhere. I would've loved to. I will love to soon.

10. The only surprises I dealt with in January unfortunately were involving sickness. I'm thinking about this project now.

11. I ordered two pairs of new pants this past week and a new sweater. Looking forward to their arrival any minute.

So I'm at six out of 11 - I'm counting #6 because I took all the action possible to make it happen. Not too bad considering I was only on my feet for 14 days out of 31. I think I'll try this again later in the year and see how much fun I can whip up. Thanks again for the inspiration 365 Small Details!

So lovely readers, how are your goals for 2011 going, big and small? Have you given up completely? Are you just beginning to see what they should be? Or are you flying joyfully through them? Thanks for all you share here. You inspire me.

Photos: 1) myrecipes.com, 2) Christy, 3, 4, 5 & 8) microsoftclipart.com, 6)Albushotel.com, 7) kalanicut, 9) Brentwood Country Mart, 10) Sunshine & Carousels, 11) Sundance Catalog


Anonymous said...

I did start my new blog, (thanks so much for all your advice, by the way!) but other than that I've kind of given up. We're treading water until my husband gets a job. THEN I can start planning for things, once I know what city we'll be living in! But I feel very content with the good I'm sending out into the Worldwide Web & the good I'm doing at home, so that will have to do for now.

MD Interior Design said...

Thanks for sharing your goals, My goal was to balance everything more effeciently and include more exercise, which I am doing. I pencil exercise in my diary each day and you know what? That seems to be the answer for me because it's on paper and I then work around it. x Michelle

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